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With our newest feature, you can e-mail your friends and relatives with one of our exclusive greeting cards - absolutely free. All cards are originals and can not be found anywhere else. When the receipient claims the ClassicCard TM at, you will receive a notification e-mail. You can send as many ClassicCards TM as you like.

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  ClassicCard 01
Mascot of 1932 Daimler Double Six
    ClassicCard 02
A Borrani wire wheel

  ClassicCard 03
1936 Mercedes-Benz Special Roadster
    ClassicCard 04
Mascot of 1933 Pierce-Arrow

  ClassicCard 05
Dashbord of a Buick Invicta
    ClassicCard 06
Woodlite Headlights on a 1930 Ruxton

  ClassicCard 07
Lamborghini Diablos at Concorso Italiano
    ClassicCard 08
V 16 engine of the 1939 Auto Union Type C/D

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